Fully-Animated GIF’s in Twitter News Feed? Yes, Please.

I know. Very exciting.

I know. Very exciting.

Whether it’s debating their pronunciation, animating GIFs in Keynote presentation, or searching for the perfect birthday GIF on We Heart It (hat tip @KaitlynDennihy), I love GIF’s. However, I recently tried to upload an animated gif natively within a Twitter post. And realized I couldn’t. While a Twitter user’s profile image can be animated (example; hat tip @DustinRThompson), a native photo in a post cannot be animated.

But, the internets that share my love for GIFs figured out a workaround. Continue reading

Social Media Advocacy: Facts and Statistics

I’ve become tired of the “How are advocates different from influencers, and who is more valuable?” social media debate. Anyone else?

However, advocacy in social media fascinates me, including understanding the behavior and the business value of advocates. Chad Bryant, a colleague at Engauge, and I are in the process of compiling a point of view “Skinny Paper” for Engauge on the power of user-generated content and advocacy. Below are some facts and stats, which are sneak peek excerpts of the working version.  Continue reading

Big Changes, Moving, and Gratitude

Jackets we bought on clearance, thanks to advice from my small group (thanks, Tiff!)

Jackets we bought on clearance, thanks to advice from my small group (thanks, Tiff!)

Big changes ahead. Dustin, my husband, and I are moving to Albany, NY this Fall (mid November). While any move to another area is significant, this transition is huge for us in particular because we have never lived outside of the South (I’ve never lived outside the state of Georgia). While we are bracing ourselves for the change (immersion by winter!), we are also very excited about the opportunity to move to a brand new part of the country and continue to develop our relationship as a new married couple. Continue reading

Eureka Celebrates Powerful Experiences

Eureka_10-23Eureka is in the final stages of a Facebook contest that honors their fans’ most powerful experiences. The entries are submitted, and fans can vote for their favorite of the top 10. The finalists who accrues the most votes will win a Mazda Miata! Some of the stories from the top 10 are related to performing random acts of kindness, taking care of others, donating to others. Continue reading

Vine User-Generated Contests: Best Practices and Case Studies

Vine is a mobile app through which users can upload videos that are 6-seconds or fewer. Since it emerged at the beginning of 2013, brands have creatively flocked to the platform to use tell visual stories, show off their ability to operate with the limited time frame, and capture viewer interest. Brand’s have the opportunity to enlist user-participation within Vine.

GE's most popular VineCase study: GE’s #6SecondScienceFair Continue reading

Will Social Media Be a Career in Five Years? Two Social Marketers Debate

evolution of marketingForbes contributor Jason Nazar recently posted a tongue-in-cheek article that reflects on the nativity of today’s youth and shares advice from a 34-year-old to Millennials: “20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get.” (Thanks to Ashley Sanders for sharing with me.)

One statement of the 20-part list sparked debate amongst the social team: “social media is not a career.” Nazar elaborates, stating that social media careers will not exist in five years, and that social media is “a means to get more awareness… not an end in itself.” Caroline Kamerschen, a former Engauge intern, and I dig into the topic. Continue reading

Date Night – Cooking with Peach Dish

WebLogoDustin has a passion for cooking – it’s an outlet for him – and his passion is contagious. Since we found out he has a gluten allergy, cooking at home has become a new favorite activity for us to do together.

When I heard about Peach Dish from a dear friend, Kaitlyn Dennihy, I couldn’t wait to try it. For $20, Peach Dish delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe for how to turn them into a three-course meal for two. This week’s recipe was Mediterranean Chicken. Continue reading