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Changes ahead1

Changes ahead!

Somehow, some way, I have become comfortable with change. But, it wasn’t always that way. Last year, Dustin and I got married; we each took new jobs; we moved across the country; and we became more grateful for each other than ever. Now that we’ve learned to thrive in change, there’s more to come. Isn’t that always how it happens?

When Dustin and I moved up to Albany, NY for him to take a job in Energy Consulting with GE as an engineer (go, Dub!), I joined a company that was local to the area. While working with the NY State of Health, NY’s health insurance Marketplace, I had the opportunity to observe a rapidly changing landscape and implement social media best practices within an industry that was less than a year old – created by the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. I was part of the organization’s first social media team. And I led a 3-person customer service team who handled more than one social media comment per minute on peak days.


Yet, there are some amazing aspects of agency life that I have missed. I crave the get-your-hands-dirty work, the energizing brainstorms, and the pride we share as a team after finishing a truly revolutionary deliverable. I love the always-changing environment. Two years ago, we were talking about Facebook Open Graph objects and crowd-sourcing; last year, it was real-time content and influencer marketing; and this year, it’s the blurry line between paid, owned and earned media, driven by a surge of user demand for utility within advertising. This year, we see sponsored FastCompany content, branded Pandora playlists, and company-curated summaries of the latest technology announcement. I can’t seem to get enough.


And, I miss my former co-workers. One of my favorite things about my agency experience has always been the opportunity to work with driven, brilliant, innovative and easy-to-get-along-with individuals, like Chelsey, Danielle, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Kelly, Amy, Anna, Mike, and Julia.


Which is why I’m joining Moxie (formerly Engauge) again in just a few weeks. I will work remotely from my new home in Albany, NY while visiting Atlanta and clients on a periodic basis. How sweet reunion is.
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