How to Hire for Social Media Customer Service

Internet based healthcareAs social media scales, more consumers turn to the channel for customer service. In fact, in 2012, brands only responded to about 30% of questions posed via social media. In 2013, this rate more than doubled to 62%, which is a startling 143% year-over-year increase (source).

Business Value of Social Media Customer Service

Customer service via social media proves valuable to the bottom line. Consumers who interact with brands on social media spend more money with that brand and are more likely to recommend that brand. And, customer service via social media is coveted among consumers. When asked how companies could build loyalty, the top answer, chosen by one-third of respondents, was providing “exceptional 24/7 customer service” (On Social, Brands Use Rewards, Customer Service to Foster Loyalty – eMarketer).

Hiring for Social Media Customer Service

As social media customer service scales, there is an increasing demand to hire individuals and teams to service this area. But even though hiring is for the social media channel, social media experience is not as important as one might think to successfully provide customer service via social media. Because of a variety of factors (outlined below), it can be a very tricky position to fill. Continue reading