#GEInstaWalk – A Geek’s Dream Adventure

General Electric leads the social media industry by creating opportunities for individuals to create a personal connection to its brand. For example:
  1. They invite world-renowned artists to visualize illustrations through the imagination of a child.
  2. They post historical facts and images on their Pinterest page, and when I posted a personal comment on one, I was amazed when GE personally responded to me.
  3. They lead the social media industry with #6SecondScienceFair (profiled earlier on my blog here: Vine User-Generated Contests: Best Practices and Case Studies)
And, most recently, GE is giving individuals the opportunity to see some of their most impressive innovations in-person and to share the experience with friends through Instagram. Coined #GEInstaWalk, GE asked for individuals to comment why they would like to visit GE wind turbines in-person in Cape Cod, MA. This is my response:

Dear GE,


I am so proud of my husband, who did his PhD in renewables (wind) at Georgia Tech and now works his dream job in Energy Consulting at GE in Schenectady, NY. We got married in our home state of Georgia and moved soon after across the country to New York for him to start his job. We just made it through our very first winter up north and are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary of being married.


We’re both huge proponents of renewable energy, but I don’t always understand the details of the engineering, and seeing a turbine in-person would be so invaluable to me to learn more about his work. How cool would it be to climb 260 ft up a turbine?!


Thanks for all of the amazing things you do on social media, GE.


A geek in love with an engineer


3 thoughts on “#GEInstaWalk – A Geek’s Dream Adventure

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  2. Pingback: #GEInstaWalk: A Geek’s Dream Adventure (Part 2 of 2) | Be Well. Do Good.

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