#GEInstaWalk – A Geek’s Dream Adventure

General Electric leads the social media industry by creating opportunities for individuals to create a personal connection to its brand. For example:
  1. They invite world-renowned artists to visualize illustrations through the imagination of a child.
  2. They post historical facts and images on their Pinterest page, and when I posted a personal comment on one, I was amazed when GE personally responded to me.
  3. They lead the social media industry with #6SecondScienceFair (profiled earlier on my blog here: Vine User-Generated Contests: Best Practices and Case Studies)
And, most recently, GE is giving individuals the opportunity to see some of their most impressive innovations in-person and to share the experience with friends through Instagram. Coined #GEInstaWalk, GE asked for individuals to comment why they would like to visit GE wind turbines in-person in Cape Cod, MA. This is my response:

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