Eureka Celebrates Powerful Experiences

Eureka_10-23Eureka is in the final stages of a Facebook contest that honors their fans’ most powerful experiences. The entries are submitted, and fans can vote for their favorite of the top 10. The finalists who accrues the most votes will win a Mazda Miata! Some of the stories from the top 10 are related to performing random acts of kindness, taking care of others, donating to others.

I was inspired by one story in particular in which an individual encountered adversity and responded to it by learning a special skill to help others.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 9.01.01 AM


As I was voting, I wondered about my most powerful experience.Perhaps it was when I promised my marriage vows to my husband (we prayed first after they pronounced us married and then finally we got to kiss for the first time as husband and wife!). Or, maybe it was when I had a first true best friend who loved me unconditionally.

Or, perhaps my most powerful experience is still to come. Will it be a momentous event like the day I have my first born baby? I am making a big move up north in the very near future. Perhaps a powerful experience will be when I must leave my family and dear friends for a short while. (And how much I will miss my work friends, like Kelly Morgan and Kaitlyn Dennihy!).

Or, will it be an unexpected interruption? The contest inspired me to be sure I was being mindful and open to encountering extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary day.

Vote here:

(Disclosure: Eureka requested I post on their behalf, and I was happy to do so to support the initiative.)

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