Vine User-Generated Contests: Best Practices and Case Studies

Vine is a mobile app through which users can upload videos that are 6-seconds or fewer. Since it emerged at the beginning of 2013, brands have creatively flocked to the platform to use tell visual stories, show off their ability to operate with the limited time frame, and capture viewer interest. Brand’s have the opportunity to enlist user-participation within Vine.

GE's most popular VineCase study: GE’s #6SecondScienceFair

Our social and Digital Innovation team admired the recent execution from General Electric on Vine, the #6SecondScienceFair, covering it as a case study in the social innovation reports and with clients.

GE hosted the science fair on Vine from August 8-15, 2013. The hub of the campaign was hosted on Tumblr (linked within the GE Tumblr), and GE retweeted, revined and reblogged content across social channels. Vines were a blend of brand-created videos and user-submitted Vines. Five Vine celebrities also participated. Participants received “thank you”  science kits (thank you card, bumper sticker and a 4M Kitchen Science Kit) for participating.

  • Results: GE’s primary goal was not quality of submissions but to get participation and activation from its community. It received more than 350 user-submitted Vines. While its user content did not receive high engagement, one Vine shared by the brand has been Liked and Revined more than 100,000 times.
  • Requirements in terms of resources for a brand to execute: 
    • Brand-created Vines (which require resources to set up a presence and to create the Vines)
    • Aggregator hub on Tumblr: (In this case, GE used RebelMouse, who they also use for their social aggregator)
    • “Thank you” kits or other incentive for participating (optional)
    • Paid media to promote experience: GE used promoted tweets, sponsored stories on Facebook, Tumblr mobile in-stream units, BuzzFeed partner content, Mashable lift and branded content and Vine display ads via content management system RebelMouse (source: ClickZ). They also enlisted participation from five Vine “celebrities,” who shared their own Vines within the Science Fair.

More case studies

Other brands have successfully enlisted users to contribute brand-related Vines as well.

Best practices to elicit user-participation in a Vine contest

  • Simple asks help to boost participation: Vine is still a relatively new social platform, and users are still becoming accustomed to posting within the platform. Simpler, specific asks can make it easier for users to participate.
  • Paid media and influencers are imperative to driving awareness of campaign: Vine influencers were enlisted for both the Virgin Mobile and GE campaign executions. GE reported using paid media across channels to drive awareness.
  • Offer a prize: Incentivizing helps to increase participation.

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