Utility-Driven and Entertaining Brand Executions

I love watching recent brand activations on a regular basis. Some of my favorite marketing executions are those that provide true utility to its consumers. Below is a collection of a few recent examples.

  • 3D Printing: Always have trouble finding your keys? This insurance company allows customers to scan your keys into a secure server. If the customer loses them, he/she can print a new copy with 3D printing.
  • Skype family portraits: Skype worked with a short-film production company to enable families who are separated by long distances to take family portraits using the technology.

Then, brands try to entertain their consumers but often fail to entice. Below is a collection of recent examples that provide truly innovative entertainment.

  • Intel/Toshiba Launch Social Film Experience – Comedy: In the production of a comedy alien invasion about mustaches, Intel/Toshiba ask people to audition to be in the brand video by uploading a photo from their webcams to the Facebook page. Facial recognition software is used to add mustaches to the characters.  In addition, other brands, including Spotify, Skype, and Skull Candy have product placement inside the video.


  • The Weather Channel for Hurricane week + interns: The Weather Channel recreated a Twitter-powered tornado by stationing oscillating fans to blow directly into the busy interns’ office. Followers could control the intensity of the wind; every public mention of #TornadoWeek on Twitter boosts the winds. The live feed was addicting and hilarious. (Thanks to Danielle Donnelly for this one.)

Let me know (@geeklindsay) about the brand executions that inspire you.

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