Google+ Challenges Instagram with Photo-Editing Acquisitions

Google+ acquired another photo-editing platform, Snapseed, for an undisclosed sum, thereby adding to its existing portfolio. Nik Software, Snapseed’s parent company, is known for catering to digital photographers with robust platform offerings.

Instagram turns the everyday photographer into an empowered artist with its vintage filters, and other platforms are rushing to do the same to increase their mass appeal. Nik Software is similar to Instagram in that their singular vision is to flatten the divide between professionals and everyday photographers, decreasing the cost and increasing the accessibility of photo editing and imagery.

While Snapseed’s acquisition is the latest in a series of photo-editing platforms by Google+, Google has been active in the acquisition space for quite some time already. Picnik, a browser-based photo-editing tool, was acquired in the spring to supplement Google+’s current photo editing capabilities.  Once an early user of Google+ and self-professed Google-phile, I now rarely use Google+ anymore to post status updates (who does?). However, I love the separate Google+ photo manager, which lets you simply sign in to the app from your phone to automatically store photos digitally via Google+. There’s no need to transfer photos (such as uploading/emailing, etc.) and no storage limitations (such as with the same app functionality in Dropbox).

Snapseed is available as both an iOS and desktop app (and will be soon available on Android). Snapseed supplements the already available in-browser photo editing of photos I seamlessly uploaded with Picnik by allowing on-the-go content capture, editing and sharing.

Yes, it looks like Google+ is up to something. However, it has not yet been decided whether or not Google+ has done anything truly revolutionary or even differentiated in a way that other platforms can’t easily mimic or adapt to quickly. #GameOnGoogle. It’s easy to root for the underdog.

Please reference the article in Mashable and The Verge for more information.

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