Killer Marketing Stats from Mintel’s 2012 Social Networking Report

Mintel’s social networking report has rich stats for us marketers, even if we’re not primarily social marketers. In case one doesn’t have access to the report or doesn’t have the time to dig into the details, here are high-level stats I archived. Rich content here.

  1. Most importantly, the underdog champion of the report was the untapped power of social influencer marketing: 7% of networkers bought a product for the first time after hearing about it within a social network within the past 30 days (which sounds insignificant, but that could mean that 7% of networkers are purchasing 12 new products annually after hearing about it in their social networks)
  2. Women are more likely to be networkers and are more persuasive in their networks than men. 
    1. Women are 15 percentage points more likely to have visited Facebook in the past 30 days than men
    2. Daily usage of women in social network tops men by 13 percentage points’
    3. Women show elevated participation in actions that spark viral marketing, including discussing social networking activity in person, posting often, and checking the links sent to them by friends
  3. Men are heavier users in mobile: While women tend to be more active in social networking, men are active as mobile users, including checking in.
  4. The power of YouTube continues, even across age segments: The ideal demo for a viral agent is: female, young and household income of $50k
  5. The blog is NOT dead if it has adoption among early adopter, younger demos: Even though only 6-7% of users use blogs, one in three of 18-24 year olds use them.
  6. And, the report includes evergreen stat needed to showcase the adoption of social for corporate brands: The majority of Facebook users (71%) have liked brands and product outside of the entertainment arena.

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