Video Consumption in Social Channels

For Valentine’s Day, My Coke Rewards created a series of three posts that had pass along value that fans wanted to share with their own networks. The results were phenomenal, and insights on the post series showcased opportunities for leveraging multimedia (video and photo) posts in social media.

My Coke Rewards had two photo posts:

  1. The Coca-Cola Cake received more than 250 shares and 600+ Likes, which is a record for shares on the page since Facebook started showing shares in insights last year. This is also the post that received a whopping *800+* repins from Drew Hawkins’ Pinterest. The post married time-sensitive messaging (Calentine’s Day) + value to the fan (in the form or a recipe)  for the perfect viral potential. Awesome!
  2. The “we love our fans” post and image elicited 130+ shares.

The favorite (and third) of the series was the concluding post, Cap Art video: A Tale of Two Caps

Facebook: The video post on Facebook did not trigger the same engagement (Likes and comments) the page had seen compared with some of its highest performing posts. However, individuals did watch the video. This suggests that video consumption is different in social networks. Videos require more in-depth actions from fans (clicking the video to view) as compared to an image post that has all of the value right there in a fan’s News Feed. However, it did receive 122 shares (a top performer since Facebook started tracking shares on the My Coke Rewards page last year).

Conversely, videos seem to perform best when leveraged across multiple channels and are permitted a longer life to allow viral sharing. For example, a Twitter giveaway of a tweet containing the video was wildly successful. The twitter giveaway asking fans to RT the video (and the first 10 got bonus points) was highly successful and received over 50 retweets.

Most importantly, the creation of the video is an incredible asset that can be used in multiple forums to engage fans on an evergreen basis. Further, the importance of video will continue to outpace the importance of basically every other type of multimedia content over the next two years. (“Today over half of all Internet traffic is video—51 percent.  And based on the current trends, Cisco’sVP for Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hsieh, predicts that in the next three years over 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be video.”) Multi-channel incorporation of a custom-created video is a critical differentiator of the medium. Potential applications to leverage the asset are to create a video without time-sensitive messaging that can be applied to multiple campaigns and be used in multiple channels. For example, it would be excellent to incorporate the video into “thank you for subscribing” content on email or SMS texts.

Insights to apply in the future for social media optimization using multimedia 

  1. Custom pictures that elicit brand love, use time-sensitive messaging, and add value to members will continue to be a key win in Facebook. These allow for fans to engage without having to do any further action (such as clicking through to another website) and keep fans directly within their NewsFeed. Other successful posts My Coke Rewards has seen do well here that incorporate all three of these elements are the Million Point winners image, Mother’s Day card post,  the trivia in space image, and the Coke Summer intro series.
  2. Videos need time to spread virally and should be made as an asset that can last and be relevant over time (via Youtube). While fans showed how excited they were about the video and readily shared it to their networks, the cap art video did not have enough time to gain traction with Facebook’s limits and NewsFeed. In order to extend the life of a video, housing it on Facebook is not the long-term solution for brands. Some people who tried to view the video in Facebook were unable to do so because they didn’t have flash downloaded and some couldn’t see it on mobile. Youtube remedies this issue and also allows for significant benefits that allow for greater discoverability of the video (such as tags and recommendations), extends the life of the video (all promotion of the video could then lead to the channel and it can be embedded on website, email, etc.), and has positive SEO implications for the brand.  A video is beneficial when it is used across channels in a repeatable way, allowing it to gain traction and for viewers to share with their friends, who also pass it along.

Kudos to the Engauge team for three successive wins for creating content that brings value to fans and triggers pass along action for each in the series!

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