App #Geekout Trend: Real-time People Discovery Using Facebook Interests

I love following the startup scene in technology (specifically in social [especially using Facebook’s Open Graph API], mobile and healthcare in particular). Drew Hawkins and I geeked out with a presentation on some of our favorite startups to emerge from TechCrunch Disrupt last fall internally at Engauge. My all-time, hands down favorite to emerge from the bunch was Wondershake, a location-based mobile app that connects individuals with like-minded people using their Facebook interests. This startup was included in all of the “remarkable” categories; however, it didn’t place because it was not available in the U.S.

Since then, I’ve seen no comparable players that align an app user’s interests to allow for real-time discovery of individuals around them. Until now.

Emerge: Glancee and Highlight

Robert Scoble tweeted about a new pair of mobile apps he thinks will be the leading popular genre this year: Glancee (Android and iOS) and Highlight (iOS). These applications can be used in a variety of settings: dating, networking or friends. Regardless, it can generate “qualified leads” for connecting individuals with common interests who are mutually looking to expand their social networks. The Next Web’s article lays out the value at an event like SXSW:

There are three use cases that are still unsatisfied at SXSW:

  1. Finding people to hang out with.
  2. Learning more about the people who are standing next to you at parties.
  3. Knowing when your friends are nearby.

… These apps then show you stuff about the people around you. Friends in common. Interests in common. Oh, yeah, Facebook is required for both of these apps to work.

How It Works

Glancee pulls in one’s Facebook interests from the Open Graph with a permission dialog to create an account. From there, users receive push notifications when there are individuals nearby that are a match to meet based on interests. The individuals are qualified with percent accuracy and location, and from there, contacts can be made by messaging through the application in real-time.

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