Report: Importance of Mobile in Consumer Shopping Intentions

Think Insights with Google is one of my favorite new free reports on consumer behavior. I receive their newsletter every quarter, and the latest featured a report on gauge of consumer interest measured at the beginning of Q4 last year to predict shopping behavior this past holiday season. The overall takeaway is that it’s critical to be available to shoppers (on both smartphones and tablets) as they are making decisions. Below are four highlights:

  • 77% of holiday shoppers will turn to their tablet device for online shopping, 54% will turn to their smartphones
  • Shoppers increased their reliance on social networking for shopping by 40% year over year. 
  • Consumers’ use mobile and tablet devices to accompany their shopping, even if they aren’t shopping directly from it (67% of purchases will still be made from a desktop). 82% of consumers turn to online research to determine the retailer where they will shop.
  • And, 68% of consumers will turn to their mobile device for either online or in-store shopping, and an even high percentage (a whopping 77%) of those who have tablets will use it for online shopping. 

Access the full report and other goodies from Think Insights here.

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