Simple Blessings

It is a great privilege to give back even just a relatively small percentage of what I earn each year. While it can require difficult sacrifices to donate, it’s certainly rewarding. Here are some of the organizations I supported this year (and each do amazing things with money donated from the community):

Alzheimer’s Association (Georgia Chapter)This is a cause very close to my heart. I worked at the Alzheimer’s Association for a year and a half and grew their social media presences before switching to Engauge. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research and promotion of brain health, and to enhance care and support for all individuals, their families and caregivers. More than 200,000 individuals in Georgia have Georgia, and it is often the family of those individuals that is most devastated – financially, emotionally, and mentally – by the  fatal disease. Donate here (after all, I did build this website back in my time there).

Institute for Leadership Advancement (Terry College of Business, UGA): A notification was sent to the professor on whose behalf I donated to UGA Institute for Leadership Advancement. Good follow through and donation program by UGA. Donate here.

Buckhead Church: I cannot even state the importance and magnitude of the role that this organization has played in my life. From being baptized there in 2009, connecting with amazing small groups, and taking part in some of their ministries in the church, Buckhead Church is one of the most transformative organizations to me personally over the past three years. And while I am personally passionate about (and give to) non-profit, it is important to me to give directly to the church. Here’s why. And, donate here.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: As a part of the Radiothon that friends Jeanne Hastings and Kelly Hilimire were a part of orchestrating. Donate here.

Amigos for Christ: I donated on Tiffany Fickenscher’s behalf. She had a remarkably impacting experience there, and a friend of hers is still working there. Shortly after making my donation, I received a handwritten thank you letterfrom Sabrina Bland, a beneficiary of the program, with a picture of her on the front.I was very touched by the letter. Donate here.

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