The Creativity of Playing, Learning, and Innovating Technology

Weiden+Kennedy, one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, recently wrote an interesting piece on the role of technology in the changing definition of what it means to be creative. They profile how traditional marketing agencies have transitioned into the digital landscape, and how the dynamic between planning and strategy has affected developers. In sum, the greatest creativity we see in the digital landscape is in the creative deployment of technology.

In the Atlanta office of Engauge, there is excellent collaboration between groups, especially from my perspective on the Digital Innovation Group (DIG) and how we interact with other teams. Social does not work in silos, and we are cross-functionally figuring out how to collaborate.

Within this, there exists a great opportunity to apply how we’ve incorporated social into other disciplines to do the same with technology, further incorporating it as a leading creative differentiator across disciplines. The solution may not exist solely with the technology leaders themselves. As we give the mission to other disciplines to adopt social (and, for example, that all members of the company need to be participating in social, not just the social team), it is as critical for other teams to adopt, engage with and experiment in leading technology.

Technology is the “language” that links creativity and implementation. Everyone, not just developers, needs to be well-versed in the language of technology to be able to converse and be relevant.

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