The Sweet Success of Bridging the Creative/Technology Divide

Leaders at Engauge shared with us earlier this year that our key differentiator as an agency was how we are able to bridge the gap of creativity and technology. I respect the implementations we’ve seen since that announcement from top leaders as well as from individuals who I have the privilege to work with every day.

For example, we kicked off a Twitter chat series this past Friday night to reach moms after serving dinner and before primetime television. While I knew that the two of us who run the social aspect of our account would be there, I was impressed that all three of the individuals who lead Creative on the account were also present, sacrificing their Friday evening after a long week to lend their support. I was grateful for their support, demonstrated by their actions.

Also, I have seen changes at Engauge as an organization.

  1. Functionally, we are better equipped to manage and optimize this divide. Operationally, our account led the agency as an example for how to streamline the content development process between Creative and Community Managers. Since establishing this process, we have also documented best practices and created a procedure for how to run new accounts using this same cadence. It was phenomenal progress as it enabled significant efficiencies while making our work that much better.
  2. Our leadership direction also enabled the transition by sharing a well-crafted vision from the get-go. Further, as we as Community Managers are challenged to bridge this divide, tactics to practice these strategies were incorporated into our job description. For example, we must blog once per week (which has significantly improved my personal writing skills). And, we are encouraged to live the three tenants for our department, one of which is to “Be Known.” This encourages us to continue writing, listening and participating in public forums on a regular basis. After all, it’s part of our job.
  3. Finally, the organization is encouraged to share good practices, making technology palatable and digestible for all other departments. We often hold brainstorms to break down the implications of new technology announcements (such as Google TV’s API, Facebook applications and new Open Graph, and advances in Augmented Reality). We also invite clients to participate as we bridge this divide in Technology Thursdays, Lunch Clubs, and DIG Day.

I’m impressed with the execution of  our new vision on numerous levels and through the course of various strengths of individuals and collective effort, and I admire those around me who have have embraced the need for each of us to work hard to get there.

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