#Geekout Adventures

I’ve had the privilege of spending time learning the back-end of relationship connections in Facebook’s Graph API.  It fascinates me to see the seamless integration of social across platforms: enabling uber-CRM capabilities, defining connections, and creating a social recommendations algorithm. I have been fascinated since the release of open graph at f8.

Learning Tools

My best resource thus far is the Facebook Development blog, especially the Graph API Explorer. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time learning the basics of JSON and JavaScript (and reviewing CSS and XHTML) on W3Schools, podcasts and iTunesU. It amazes me how much information (and teaching) is shared for free online. Wikipedia is also great for the basics and a quick refresh. I’m looking forward to learning from Code Academy, which was another recommendation from a colleague.

Getting There

It hasn’t always been so easy or straight-forward. I tried to learn code from Peer 2 Peer University, a grassroots open education project. P2PU “leverag[es] the internet and educational materials openly available online [and] enables high-quality low-cost education opportunities.” Professors donate their time to teach a class of students online.  However, I found the website difficult to understand and choose courses, and the email chains and assignments were difficult to follow.

I gathered great introductory information from blogs and open-source resources for non-profits. For example,  I initially learned how to use Static FBML on Facebook and how to install social-plugins on a website (with the simplest HTML) from DIOSA Communication’s list of Facebook Best Practices while at the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter, where one of my roles was community management.

What other resources are the best learning tools for Facebook development, API integration, and learning code in general?

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