Our Generation’s Phobia of Marriage

Our generation is terrified of marriage. Why? The proportion of the frequency broken marriages we see in the media far outweighs the frequency of healthy, lasting marriages.  We also are a generation that is more likely to come from a broken home than not. And, not only are we terrified of it, we are a generation of skeptics (Demographic Profile – Millenials from eMarketer) and understand that the odds are not necessarily in our favor.
So What Do We Do About It?
Diverse methods have been used with the intent of educating our generation in order to change the outcomes we’re currently experiencing on a societal level, to mixed results.
A group of us are individually tackling this issue in order to retract the marriage misconceptions instilled in us in our teenage years in our churches, families, and schools.  We are unable to control the messages we received in earlier years.  Yet, once as we’ve honestly admitted to each other and to ourselves that we have a terribly misconstrued and biblically ignorant perspective on what a relationship and marriage should be, there are tremendously positive transformations we are experiencing individually and as a group.  I’d love to hear how others of our generation are proactively retracting false notions and re-educating themselves on this principle and how Christian and non-Christian groups alike are developing innovative ways to educate the next generation in a more healthy manner.

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