AppSpotting: Onavo

Rene Smith, the DIG team’s resident foodie, explained to me the other day that the term “Foodspotting” meant finding (spotting) great food to try either in the future or to savor immediately.  (I just never thought about it.) Well, today, I’m app-spotting. Starting wth Onavo: the money-saving app solution for gadget-hungry hipsters and data geeks.

What is Onavo?

Onavo is an app that reduces the amount of data processed on a mobile device, decreasing the charges incurred on a data plan. From the iTunes store:

“Onavo’s app connects your iPhone to our cloud-based technology, dubbed the “magical shrinking machine”. It’s totally seamless – once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before. In the background, your data usage from all apps is compressed so that you get more bang for your buck, doubling and even tripling your data plan.”

The app was originally created for travellers abroad (see Boris’s [of The Next Web] initial review of the app). However, it is quickly gaining interest with in individuals generally looking to curb their data plan in general as well.

It claims to :

  • “√ Save up to 80% on your data plan,” and
  • “√ Triple your data roaming plan” while travelling.

TechCrunch says: “Onavo is a money-saving, must-have app for EVERY iPhone data user.”

What’s in the App?
Onavo has two components of operation.

First, the data saver is the controller dashboard.  It shows the amount of data saved and the top saving app where data has been compressed (pictured above).
Second, the report dashboard shows the sources and volume of data usage (right).

Who Can Get It?
Onavo is currently available for download on an iPhone or an iPad, and it is available on a select basis for Droids. Unfortunately, Verizon is not supported yet.

  • iPhone/iPadMy initial interest was that my dad is using a data plan on his iPad, and this seemed like a great fit. According to the Apple store, this is feasible, but they say, “We have a known issue with the Personal Hotspot feature for some operators (AT&T, Three UK, others), working to resolve it. Setting our Savings Service to Off will provide a temporary solution.” So, an new update may make this seamless.
  • Droid:The Next Web released 300 spots for download in addition to the original 500 spots available initially.

Special thanks to early adopters and influencers Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten [founder of The Next Web Conference] and Zee M. Kane [Editor-in-Chief], both of The Next Web, for the original tip.)

More about Onavo:

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