Good Goes Underground, Viral for Mother’s Day

Last Mother’s Day, Epic Change gave individuals who wanted to gift a mom on Mother’s Day a special way to express their love.  In To Mama With Love 2010, I selected a place on a map that was special to the person I was gifting (such as NYC, where my mom and I recently visited on a trip together), I created a custom card, and the gift recipients were notified to pick up their card and that a donation was made in their honor for Mama Lucy.  My mom, stepmom, and other special “moms” in my life loved the gift!

To Mama With Love 2011

And in 2011, Epic Change continues the excitement by activating a viral, underground movement to take the campaign to even great heights upon its release on May 3rd on the website.  This morning, I received a “secret invite” to join the “super secret” Facebook group where there are only two rules:

  1. Keep secrets hush-hush
  2. Actively participate

And, I better be careful in this blog post as “Lurkers & people who blow our cover make us sad & will be excommunicated.” They have a ton more information for members of the secret group that I cannot disclose, but I can say that the material is phenomenal!

The excitement and effective use of exclusive content is no surprise, considering who is behind the initiative. Stacey Monk and Sanjay Patel are leaders in the nonprofit social community. And, Stacey writes one of the best nonprofit appeals I’ve ever seen, which I referenced often back in my nonprofit days as a community manager before that title existed.  She gives specifics of what the gift serves and she uses multimedia to share the excitement.

Shared in an Epic Change appeal: “You can hear the joy in [Mama Lucy’s] voice from our phone call yesterday in which she shares her gratitude, excitement and plans for her future children’s home: Listen now.”

Get Involved

This year, #ToMamaWithLove reinvigorates the viral energy it captured last year.  I have no doubt it will be more phenomenal than ever!  For now, you can send in your email addressto be among the first to know.  ToMamaWithLove2011 launches May 3rd, and I can guarantee it will worthwhile to join the movement to “take love viral.”  In the meantime, you can find Epic Change here:

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