iPad and the Future of Media Consumption

I’m looking forward to attending a brainstorm session this week with my dad and other leading entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area on how advertising can be integrated into the iPad, specifically within the magazine platform in Flipboard.

We’ll delve into how consumption models are changing as interactivity and enhanced graphs are allowed.

We’ll think through how to convert users to convert to consumption and how likely they are to do so.  eMarketer has collected research into these changes already. An overview:

  • Owners are ready to consume: “iPad owners were more likely than other connected device owners to be intrigued by advertising, especially new and interesting types of ads that took advantage of their device capabilities. The same survey found iPad owners were more apt to make a purchase based on such ads as well” (iPad Ads Engage Magazine Readers).
  • iPad ads (a subset of iAds) have great creative leverage: “[Ad] placements that take advantage of the full features of the device—like video, 360-degree views, striking photos and interactivity—appeal most to users” (The Differences Between Mobile and Tablet Advertising).
  • The target group has income to spend: “Marketers who take the plunge into tablet advertising will be rewarded with an audience that is engaged, predisposed to the “wow” factor and primed to purchase. The demographic profile of a typical tablet user is high-income, 18 to 34 years old, male and more likely than average to respond to an ad by completing a purchase, whether through a tablet app, a website or a phone” (What Tablets Can Do for Marketers).

Should be a fantastic conversation. Would love insight, research, tips, etc., and I will report back with our findings.

One thought on “iPad and the Future of Media Consumption

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